Ashleigh McCulloch is a South African jeweller based in The Netherlands. She worked in fashion before completing a BFA in Contemporary Jewellery Design at Alchimia Jewellery School in Italy in 2018. In her art jewellery work, she is interested in interrogating post-colonialism as well as signs and symbols.

She began Monastery as a passion project for creating pieces that challenged or subverted iconography and were experimental in form. She is fascinated by jewellery’s long history as a medium through which to communicate with the world. Monastery is meant to represent a type of austere solitude of being in a world saturated with noise and mass production. These are wearable sculptures that speak on their own terms.

The pieces in this line are made to order and limited- each piece in itself is a work of art. Monastery jewellery is intended to be unique items that make strong statements for even the most introverted of people.